Wednesday, August 29, 2012

big secret revealed

Oh, I have some great news for y'all! Everybody knows and loves Hanky Panky thongs, but hates their hard to swallow price tag: $18. For that little bit of lace. Criminal. But we all bought them, because they are the best out there. Well, then Victoria's Secret came along and made their knock-off. I tried these. They are similar, but actually felt a little bigger. But the price is so much better: 3/$30. Down to $10. each. I couldn't control my happiness. But then a few weeks ago, I was strolling through walmart, just seeing what they had going on. And BAM! Identical Hanky Panky in WALMART, for, wait for it, $3.97!! You can't beat that! They look, feel, and wear the same. It's pure bliss. And there are more bright colors in store. Annnndddd, this 5 pack shown above is sold online for $16. That's 5 identical thongs for less than 1 hanky panky. I feel this is a secret I can't keep to myself. It's too good.

you're welcome :)

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