Wednesday, November 27, 2013

granny love

This quilt was started in July and I don't think there are any photos of it on here. It was a quilt that I started and was so excited for and then I got kind of bored with it. I was also having some mental creative blocks which are no fun. I couldn't figure out how to make it work! So in a box it went until about 3 weeks ago, when I found the blocks and was excited for it again.

This part is always the hardest for me. Getting a visually balanced quilt is not an easy task. It's kind of like a rubik's cube for me, but in reverse. I don't want too much of one color clumped together. You can see in the middle picture that there are 3 red centers on the bottom row- not good. Eventually things come together.

The choice of using linen for the background probably wasn't the best. Visually, I love it and that's why I chose it, but sewing linen is so tricky! It has a loose weave so there is a lot of room for stretching. Getting each square to be the same size almost drove me crazy. But now we're through the piecing part and I get to start quilting! I'm doing echo quilting inside and outside each block and inside and outside each center square.

At this point, I wasn't finished quilting it, but I decided to go ahead and bind the quilt because we were going to Virginia and I would be in a car for 6 hours. Gotta use that time wisely!

So, here it is, all bound but still needed 3 squares quilted. It was pretty funny quilting when it already had a binding! But hey, it works!

Update: See the finished quilt in this post!

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