Tuesday, June 24, 2014

what a weekend!

You know that feeling when you are so glad to be home? Yep, I had that this weekend. I had a great time weekend visiting my dad and then my best friend in Raleigh, but coming home Sunday ended up being such a long day.

An hour into my 6 hour drive home I got a flat tire. This lead to a very creepy old man hitting on me while he changed my tire. AAA should really screen these people. No female, driving alone, wants to feel like she is going to be raped. And then I couldn't drive home on the spare tire (or over 50 mph,) so that lead me to buying a new tire at walmart. Thankfully, this all happened about 30 min from my cousins, so they joined me at walmart and then fed me some good ol' chicken and pastry. Also nice was cooper keeping me occupied with his adorable sleeping positions.

Before Sunday's unforseen adventure, I did have a great weekend in Raleigh with my bestie. Of course the first night we had Cheesecake Factory. It's one of my favorites, solely on the fact that they have free bread. That's pretty much how I rate restaurants. 1. Do they have bread. 2. How good is the bread. And 3. Do you have to pay for the bread. It's safe to say that Cheesecake Factory is at the top of that list. Saturday was jammed packed with shopping, first hitting the sale section at Anthro, where we snagged some good markdowns and volcano candles for each of our birthdays. Then for dinner she took me to this yummy local Italian restaurant, Bella Monica.

Their bread is out of this world. We inhaled it so fast that I didn't get a picture, but trust me on this. It comes cut like a piece of cake, slathered with olive oil and topped with herbs and sauteed onion, and you eat it with a fork. Oh my god. Probably the best bread ever. Then we split their calamari, but it wasn't what you usually get. It had no breading and wasn't fried. It was seared in basil. Sounds kind of odd, but so. good. For my entree, I stuck to what I knew would be perfect, and got a margherita pizza. All in all, Bella Monica was such a win. I'll definitely be begging Mal to go back the next time I visit!

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