Thursday, November 13, 2014

sweet stella girl

I am skipping forward a bit because we have some exciting news! We got a new puppy!

Meet Miss Stella!

How we got her really is a sweet story. Bradley and I had been talking about getting another dog, but had planned it out for years down the road. We kind of settled on a goldendoodle because they don't shed, but Bradley still wanted a german short haired pointer. After losing Solly, I did want another golden, but had questioned if I wanted the hair, too! I decided since I'm the one who always cleans the house, that I get to rule out shedding dogs. A goldendoodle was the perfect solution.  

So, my mom had donated a painting to the Savannah Children's Theater Gala and went to drop it off at the lady's house who was going to take it to the auction. Well, turns out she was also holding a very sweet pup that was going to be auctioned off later that night. We get a call from my mom telling us about the puppy. See, my mom was already going to make a nice donation to the theater because she loves them. It's a great organization that could always use additional funds. If we liked the dog, she could just use her donation in the auction. So basically, we would get a free puppy! 

We drive over to the house and I am more reserved than Bradley. He immediately turned into a little kid and it only became worse when we met her! I admit, we were in love, but it wasn't really in our plan. Do we really need another dog? We already had 2. But she was so sweet. Bradley gave me the look of 'let's do this.' So we decided that we wanted her, but it wasn't that simple! We still had to win her in the auction. 

Later that night, I actually had to babysit so I couldn't be there at the event, but my mom did go so she could bid. I had her updating me all night with pictures. She then texted me that the live auction had started. She said that puppy was the last item. Closer to her turn, I was freaking out. I finally had to tell my mom to stop texting me and focus. I didn't want her to miss her shot! So then I get a facetime call from my mom that immediately gets disconnected. She was trying to let me see the auction while it was going on, but accidentally cut me off. Then I get a phone call. All I can hear is the auctioneer addressing the bids. I had no clue who was bidding what. Talk about nerve-racking! So finally we get to the end and I hear "going once, going twice, Sold!" but still I didn't know who won! I was freaking out. Finally my mom came back on the phone and told me that she got her. I was so excited and the anticipation of it all made me all jittery! I was shaking. Immediately I called Bradley and told him, and the first thing he said was, "When can I go get her?" So sweet. My mom ended up bringing her to our house, but I was still stuck babysitting, so Bradley got a few one on one hours with her. I was so jealous! 
It's so funny how this all happened. When I got home that night, we sat on the kitchen floor, playing with her and watching her with the other dogs. I remember looking at Bradley and saying "Ok, we have a puppy!" It really was the craziest thing, but as we have had her, I've realized that this is the best time for us. I have started going back to school to become a teacher so right now, I'm home a lot. I still work in the afternoons, nannying, but I'm here most of the day. She needs a lot of attention right now. She needs to be fed 3 times a day and let out about 50 (ha!), so it's really good that I can be here. 

Bottom line: we are so in love! And no we didn't plan it, but it has worked out perfectly! And I can't thank my mom enough! As I'm sure you know, these dogs aren't cheap, so this was an incredible gift! Love you, mom!

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