Monday, December 1, 2014

wishlist: baker's edition

Happy December Everyone! I'm so excited for this time of year. Our tree is up, but not decorated yet. I have to mentally prepare for lighting it. I despise it. And so does Bradley, except he gives up, so it's all on me. Awesome. 

Anyway, to kick this season off, I've created a baker's wishlist. I already have most of these items and love them! The glass bowl is on my wishlist. I had no idea that these bowls fit the kitchenaid artisan stand mixers. I had originally wanted another metal bowl, but then I saw this and I was sold. I think it will be a nice change. The pie crust shield is a gadget that my mom has (that I got her). The other day I was baking a pie at my house and realized I didn't have one. They really make a big difference. No more fidgeting with aluminum foil on a hot pan. Just pop this baby on and you're good to go!

For more gift ideas, check out my wishlists from years past. For the beauty loverfor yourselfmore for you, and for your guy. Some of the links still work, but even if they don't, these wishlists can give you some great ideas!

ALSO, the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale ends tonight at midnight in My Shop! And I'm feeling extra generous so I bumped up the discount on the zippered pouches to 25% off! I won't be having a sale this big for a while, so get it while it's hot! The pouches make such sweet gifts. And you can give them a theme by adding nail polish and a file or some lip gloss or some jewelry. The possibilities are endless.

To get 25% off Zippered Pouches, enter code DECEMBER at checkout. Quilts are still 15% off with code GOBBLEGOBBLE. Thanks for Shopping Small!!! xo

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