Sunday, January 8, 2012

do it

One of my new year's resolutions is to try new things. I'll admit it, I can get stuck in my ways, my comfort zone. Another one is to have more dates with Bradley. Yes, we spend a lot of time together and it's AWESOME, but there's something special about showing off your man.

This is how our date started.

Delicious. This is one of our favorite spots. Lovin' Spoon. It's one of those specialty frozen yogurt shops that you can make exactly what you want and pay for it by the ounce. Also, they have punch cards so when you get 9, the 10th is free. Let's just say we have no problem filling the cards.

mine: amazing. orange sherbert and cake batter frozen yogurt, strawberries and crushed butterfinger.

his: a mess. georgia peach, chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt, strawberries, blackberries and chocolate syrup.

We could have called it a day right then and there.

But then Bradley had this idea to take Ginny, yupp that's short for Virginia Tech, on a walk. He wanted to explore. And like I said, I get stuck in my ways. Babe, why would you want to go out in the chilly weather, when we could snuggle under the covers and watch movies. This is what I usually would have said. But my resolutions were in the back of my head, so I agreed to go, hoping it would be fun.

And of course, Bradley was right. It was beautiful out there.

Look at what comes out of saying yes, even when you're not too thrilled about it. So I encourage you to try it. And then come back and tell me how it went.

xo Lark

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