Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dream the dream

I made a cake yesterday!! I'm actually not sure how that even happened. I mean, with it being midterms. of the last quarter of my junior year.. what on earth was I thinking!? Moving on. It was amazing. Baking is so much fun. I love it so much that I was this close to going to culinary school at Johnson and Wales and someday opening up the cutest little bakery. But I had this fear that if I started to be graded on my baking, I may begin to take it too seriously and not enjoy it anymore. That would definitely be a horrible, horrible day.

Today, I love baking. I love using my hands and following recipes to create one amazing piece from several pieces. I love watching people enjoy what I have made. I secretly watch them take their first bite! But most importantly, I love how I feel when I am baking. It brings back so many memories of my nana. When I bake, I know she's with me.

So, here I am. Baking cakes in all of my free time. My stepmother, or as we like to say SM, graciously handed over a winning recipe. You ready? dreamsicle cake. Ahhh, it even sounds delicious.

It was so refreshing to make a cake that I had not only never made before, but never even eaten before. I have made some of my favorites so many times, recipes aren't needed. I loved having to look back at the recipe every second.

At this point, I was dying. Actually everyone in my house was dying. We all just wanted to rip into these beautifully tanned cakes. We didn't even need icing. The smell was incredible. I kept saying it needed to be somehow made into a candle. Somehow we found self control and patiently waited for them to cool. The. absolute. worst. part.

 Frosting was quick and easy. We were all more concerned with getting a slice, rather than if my frosting was flawless. 


I definitely have days where would love to be in culinary school, but I'm not sure it's for me. For now, I'll finish Fibers at SCAD. I mean, I only have a year left. Must. Finish. However, having a bakery will always be a dream of mine. We all need to dream the dream.

xo, Lark

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