Saturday, May 5, 2012

much needed

Date nights lately have not been happening near as much as I would like them to. But last night we fixed that. Thank God. Last minute we decided to go to a movie, which also hasn't happened lately. It was so nice to get dressed up for my babe and even putting on perfume. You know, the good stuff. Saved only for special occasions.

Dinner consisted of popcorn, reese's pieces and krispy kreme doughnuts. Don't judge. And you should definitely know that the doughnuts were "hot now" so we had to get them. By the way, I eat the popcorn and resee's pieces together in one bite. As it should be. And I always try to get Bradley to eat it like I do, but he thinks it's really gross. Just so you know, he's wrong. So try it.

Cheers to date night!

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