Monday, August 27, 2012

thanks mom for the sursey

A few weeks ago, my mom and stepdad traveled to see his children in Arizona and California. My mom knew she wanted to go to the Alameda Points Antiques Faire, this big flea market near his family in Berkeley. She could have spent all day there, but didn't have the time. She did manage to scoop these puppies up! And I'm so glad she did. These mason jars have the real blue glass, not some fake tinting like I've seen on pinterest. And I love the lids! They are the original zinc lids, all worn and stained. She also saw this flour sack. I'm thinking I might dye it and make it into a pillow. But the options are endless.

My mom knows me so well! Thanks, mom, I love my sursey! ::for those who don't know what a sursey is, it's a surprise present, at least to us it is:: ♥you.

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