Tuesday, August 14, 2012

what i've been up to

This is my latest quilt, and I'm SO EXCITED!!! I have made many smaller quilts, baby quilt size, and I knew the next one I wanted to make was going to be for me and it was going to be big! So this is my first queen quilt, and boy, is it harder. Just the amount of time that it takes is frustrating. If this were a baby quilt, I would have been done days ago. But, I'm sticking to it! I'm determined.

 It took me a while to pick my fabrics, but once I saw Joel Dewberry's Heriloom collection, I knew that was the one! It is colorful, and lots of bold and beautiful fabrics. I'm obsessed.

This was the day they came in the mail. You should have seen me, running to the mailbox :) One of the best packages I have ever recieved.



The next tough step: decided what layout. Oh my god. So many options. Not the best for a very indecisive girl. I originally thought I was going to a 9 patch quilt, but I could not choose from the 5,500 designs!

This is what I laid out on photoshop. This helped me so much. It allowed me to see what my quilt would look like, without having to just imagine it. After this, I knew it would be a triangle quilt!

So then I started cutting those lovely triangles. I put in several movies, and before i knew it, I had 272 triangles.


 Then I started laying them out on the amazing quilt wall my mom made. It's one of those huge pink foam boards from home depot, covered in cotton batting. The fabric just sticks to it, so no need for pins! This makes it really easy to lay out the quilt and move things around when something isn't right.

Growing Quilt

I knew that I would need way more triangles than what I had originally cut, so I had to cut more. What is sad about this quilt is how much you lose with seam allowance. But it will all be worth it when I have this gorgeous quilt to snuggle up to!

I'll do more posts to keep you updated on this quilt, but for now my sewing machine is calling my name!

xo, Lark

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  1. great movie, beautiful pattern and your sewing machine. Perfect.


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