Sunday, September 9, 2012


For the last 10 days, Bradley and I have been all over North Carolina seeing beautiful friends and family. Since the spring, I had planned to visit Mallory in Elon. Then, about a month ago, Shelby called and graciously offered us tickets to the UNC vs Elon game at Chapel Hill. Of course we took her up on that offer. And then she had extra tickets so Mallory and her friend Sarah came, too! It was a hot, hot, hot game so we didn't last long, but don't worry, Top of the Hill took us right in. Shelby's weekend fell on the weekend before I was supposed to visit Mal. So instead of driving 6 hours back to Savannah in between trips, I thought it would be a great time to see my dad! And since Bradley wasn't going to come to Elon with me, I thought he could visit his dad, too.

          Chapel Hill
  • A ridiculously hot football game. One where no pictures were taken because we were all drenched in sweat. Lovely.
  • Finding the hole in the wall restaurants in Chapel Hill and Durham. We loved Dain's Place.
  • Meeting up with Shelby's family. Her little sister, Anneliese is 4 years old. I died when I heard what will happen if she ate a booger. With the most serious face, she said, "If you eat a booger, Santa breaks a toy, and Satan will kill a puppy."
  • THE SCRAP EXCHANGE! This is where I found those weird fabric covered mattress springs. I am definitely making them into something, I'm just not sure what it is yet. I have thoughts of them becoming a headboard, after being dyed various berry colors, of course. 
  • Sno-Balls. These are not snowcones. They are shaved ice. And they are spectacular. And there needs to be one in Savannah. If you've got one, try peach + mango. ohhh so good.
  • Making our own Bang Bang Shrimp + Pesto Olive Oil from Bonefish. We spent way more time and money making it ourselves, but we were determined.
  • Getting Kellan from the airport and taking him to Elizabethtown, so he can finally try Front Porch. Shelby already decided that she wants my dad to cater their wedding, so we all thought he should probably try it before the big day!


  • Printworks. Easily one of my favorite restaurants. Mallory has bragged about it for months so I was hoping it wasn't all hype. Go there. Get the Lemon Chicken Paillard. And then get the profiteroles. Don't forget to chow down on the bread. It's why we went there.
  • Speaking of, we chose all our dinner meals by the bread selection. Meaning, if they don't have bread, we're not going.
  • Shopping at the outlets. I found nothing, but the good news is, Mallory found some socks. Win.
  • Fabric shopping at a local shop. Mallory managed to pick the worst fabric they had. Realistic bunnies.
  • Touring Elon in the rain.
  • Going throught the CruzThru. I had never heard of this. But I must say, it was pretty cool.
  • Getting kinky... see above :) 
  • Having ocd moments where you decide to clean the cobwebs off the ceiling.  
  • Getting all dolled up for dinner each night. Any chance to wear heels, we take it.
  • Watching jenna marbles videos in bed with Cheez-Its, till 3 am. Every night.

We had such a great time on our roadtrip around NC. It's a perfect way to end the summer. These lovely ladies are so sweet to open their homes to us. And I'm all for returning the favor :) Everything worked out beautifully and we were able to see so many people that we don't see enough. It was a great 10 days with people we love.

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