Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm so excited to share some pieces from my portfolio! This is my collection of three. I designed three jacquard fabrics, wove them myself, and then made some awesome pillows. This has to be one of my favorite projects. Don't get me wrong, I obsessed with quilting, but this is something that I will probably never be able to do again. Well, that is, unless I can get my hands on a jacquard loom. Guess I have to do grad school at scad? Anyway, I can't explain the feeling of watching your design come to life. I drew these repeat patterns, and have loved them on the computer and paper, but to see them woven was unreal. I loved how each pass of the shuttle gave me another line of my pattern. Watching it grow was amazing. Eventually, I will put up all of my portfolio pieces, but not today. I only have TEN more days of college! So, I better get back to work.

And here are some process shots:

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