Tuesday, June 10, 2014

wonky log cabin quilt

I'm so excited to finally share this beauty! It's one of my favorite pieces, but also was one of the hardest. I had in my head what I wanted it to look like. Effortless and easy. I describe it like when you try to style your hair so that it looks like you didn't, like you just woke up like that. I wanted this quilt to look like I just threw it together and it worked. Turns out it takes a lot of effort to make it look effortless! I won't say that it turned out exactly like I planned, but that's ok. I love it. 

I did set some rules for myself in terms of color. I wanted to stick to turquoises and golds, with some soft creams. Along the way, some extras snuck in, like the pink and chartreuse. Those turned out to be great additions because they make the others sing.

So here's the wonky log cabin quilt from start to finish!

Also, the website is coming along and I'm hoping to make it live very soon!! This quilt, and others, will be for sale.

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