Saturday, June 16, 2012

these are a few of my favorite things

1. I'm writing this post while laying in bed. It's 12:06, and I just woke up. Oh, I love you, summer.
2. Road trippin' with Bradley. He is a genius at finding amazing fried chicken in creepy, run down gas stations.
3. A week at the beach. Lots of sun, salty air, ghost crab hunts and searches for the perfect seashell.
4. Not getting sun poisoning this year at the beach. I was a good girl and wore lots of sunscreen.
5. Watching Ashley get a home run the other night at her softball game. That girl makes it look so easy.
6. Being able to celebrate with my dad tomorrow for father's day. I don't get to see him near as much as I would like, so you could say I'm excited.
7. Front Porch food. In particular, the chocolate pudding, oreo cookie, whipped cream amazing dessert that I do not know the name of. I surrender.
8. Kitchen gadgets. When I get home, I will be moving into my new apartment, where I have absolutely nothing for the kitchen. Guess that means I need to go shopping!

xo, Lark

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