Tuesday, August 21, 2012

where i've been

I'm home! The past 3 days have been very eventful and busy. Now, I am exhausted and so grateful to be home with my guy and the pups. I missed them! Here's how I spent my weekend:

Once we got in to Alexandria, it was somewhat late, so we decided to grab dinner at the hotel. I was a little bummed about that. We drive 9 hours to a city I've never been to, so yeah! let's just eat at the hotel. We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share and as soon as the food came, I changed my mind. The best thing we ordered was the margherita flatbread pizza with a balsamic reduction drizzled over it. I die. Then we ordered 2 more. It was that good. So good, I forgot to stop shoving my face and take a picture. But here is a picture of my cute little vanilla bean cupcake.

Saturday around lunch we wandered over to Eastern Market. What a great little area, filled with clothes, jewelry, home furnishings, little knickknacks, fresh fruits and veggies and other goodies. Pretty much everything you could ever want, all in one place.

Here we are crammed into this teeny tiny bookstore, Capitol Hill Books. Someone who's claustrophobic would not do well in here. The owner is so great. Kind of crusty on the outside, but I'm sure full of pudding on the inside. I got a book on pies that he had marked $10. When I got to the register, he said 'Oh, that's too much. How about 8?" Well, if you say so :) And check out his rules. I can't even pick a favorite. Maybe 'kindle' or 'amazon'.

We spent a good amount of time on the metro, but what a great way to get around. You can sleep, read, chat, all without worrying about directions- something I am not so great at. 

On Saturday night, we all went into DC to see Aaren in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, her first job since graduating. This was seriously one of the funniest plays I have seen. We never stopped laughing. And just so you know, the picture of the cast was taken before the play, not during :)

On Sunday, we decided to cram in some last minute sightseeing and shopping before we started our drive home. I think we were all dreading it, so we just kept procrastinating. No problem with that. Until it has you getting home at 2:30 in the morning. Then it's not so fun. We made sure to swing by the Torpedo Factory and check out the art. I enjoyed these 2 sculptures. On the first one, anyone could add their own piece to it. So it will just keep growing and growing. And the deer sculpture was just too cute.

What a fun trip this was! Unfortunately, a day and a half is no where near enough time to see dc. The good news is that Aaren will be there for a year, so I have other chances to get up there and see it all. And I'd love to know what you have done in dc. Where should I go next, what do I have to see? Let me know!


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