Tuesday, October 8, 2013

festive five

Is this not the cutest little dinosaur that you have ever seen? I don't have any babies to dress up yet, so you better believe my little man is getting a costume. Funny thing is, I think he actually loves it! Normally, he will try and scratch his way out of them, but this one is working for him. 

So like I said in my last post, I am obsessed with decorating for fall. And I can't stop. I don't know, pumpkins and gourds, big and tiny just keep showing up at our house!

I'm running out of places to decorate, so these are actually on top of the dresser in our bedroom. Bradley kind of freaked when he saw them. He thought it was getting a little crazy when I resorted to this because I was running out of room. But who doesn't love a little ombre pumpkin festiveness to help wake you up in the morning? 

I was able to wear a scarf today! It only got up to about 71 degrees. Thank you rain! The thing is, I have much cuter fall clothes than summer, so we need to get the ball rolling on this whole cold weather thing. 

I have been really good about keeping my nails looking good lately. This raspberry
(sally hansen: cherry, cherry bang, bang) and this warm gray are my favorites. They are the perfect fall colors for me. 

We have been participating in soup sunday. This creamy chicken noodle was so amazing!! I love the spinach and big chunky carrots. Next up, taco soup!

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